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Lisa Bundfuss

Lisa Bundfuss



I have been on this journey all of my life and for many years with the GOE and previously the AMT. I have had an incredible time, met some incredible people and continue to grow and evolve with each step.  

Throughout the years I have added EFT, Energy in Motion, Reiki, hypnotherapy, crystal therapy, STAR MATRIX, Modern Energy Art amoung other modalities. I was privalidged to be on the first STAR MATRIX course with Silvia Hartmann. Wow what a ride, fabulous time evolving discovering and moving into a place where we have the most fabulous tool to find our true selves and to support us always. An amazing way to deal with past as well as day to day issues in a productive way overriding the trauma that may have caused said issue and finding valuable information, high energy and love throughout.

I have worked as a practitioner since 2004 and trainer. Providing one to one sessions, workshops and trainings over the years. I am available over the phone, zoom and email at present.

If you would like to explore and find the true you, add tools to your personal kit bag to support and grow please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Love always Lisa xxx


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